Increase Resilience Prevent Burnouts


I provide practical Mindfulness-Based Living Courses accredited by the British Mindfulness Association (8-week MBLC), and shorter Personal Growth Courses with elements of Mindfulness led by a trained psychologist.


The unique edge of my courses lies in that they are easily applicable to work & daily-life situations, and provide you with tools to manage your inner landscape with more awareness and freedom.

Location is not an issue since this trainings can take place online, or in any location in Europe.


 My aim is to provide a tailored service that adapts to the specific needs of your business.


In this way, I can ensure that your employees will be able to apply the training they receive in their immediate environment, improving both their life quality and performance at work.

The MBLC programs are official trainings accredited by the British Mindfulness Association.
Benefits of Mindfulness

• Greater resilience

• Enhanced decision-making

• Effective communication

• More coordinated teamwork

• Stronger leadership skills

• Superior creativity and innovation

• Improved engagement

• Confidence around change

• Positive well-being